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Rigid Inflatable Boat Maintenance and Care Guide

Once the excitement of owning a new rigid inflatable boat has settled, the next question an owner would ask is “how do I maintain my vessel?”. This is the right question to ask since a RIB can be an investment and they do require a decent amount of maintenance if they want to stay in top shape. Once you’re done with your day on the water, you’ll want to make sure it’s cleaned and stored properly. Bering Marine is a firm believer that caring for your boat after each use will significantly increase the lifespan. This doesn’t mean you have to spend three hours cleaning it each time you take it out, but a little maintenance after each trip can keep your RIB in top shape.

We thought it would be smart to lay out some of the basics for our customers or for people who have never owned a RIB before. These steps should provide a good routine of cleaning and maintaining your RIB.

Caring for a Rigid Inflatable Boat

To begin, a rigid inflatable boat is much easier to care for than any hard-sided boat and it requires no polishing. They are also much lighter thanks to the inflatable tubes that are found around the boat. 

Pretty much every aspect of a RIB makes it easier to care for.

Clean and Washdown

Once your adventure on the water is over, the first thing any boat owner should do is give the vessel a good washdown. If the boat was in saltwater, this tip is especially important. Saltwater is corrosive and if your boat isn’t washed down after being in it, it can ruin almost any part of the boat. Use a soft bristle brush to wipe down the exterior and interior elements. You’ll want to stay away from using chemical cleaners. Avoid using any sharp or abrasive tools as they can damage the inflatable tubing unique to RIBs.

Cover Your Rigid Inflatable Boat

Once you’re done washing your RIB, you’ll want to dry it and cover it. This helps keep your boat clean and protected from outside elements. It also ensures that your boat will be ready to go the next time you use it.

Protect the Cushions

The cushions and upholstery on your rigid inflatable boat are easily damaged from the environment so it’s important to cover them or remove them from the RIB completely. 

Inflatable Material Care

Depending on what material your RIB is made from, you’ll want to use a water-based protectant to maintain the inflatable materials. Things like suntan oil, beverages, and fuel cause reactions and damage the material.

Tend to the Engine

While the engine was made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, it’s not indestructible. Your engine needs to be taken care of in order for it to function for a long period of time. The owner’s manual for your boat will have the best instructions for how to take care of your engine. The engine is one of the most expensive components to replace, so making sure it’s in good condition is important. 

Choose Hysucat for Your Rigid Inflatable Boat

Every boat requires maintenance and care in order for it to look and run properly. RIBs have been proven to be safer and more efficient than a traditional powerboat. If you’re looking for a high-quality rigid inflatable boat, you will find it at Hysucat. We have different sizes and styles that will fit your needs perfectly. 

If you want to learn more about RIB maintenance or would like a quote on a boat, visit our contact page or call us at (919) 633-2757.