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How long do RIBs last for?

Rigid Inflatable Boats or RIBs have been the boat for marine professionals and hobbyists alike. Their reliability and great features make them sought after and fun to drive. If you’re thinking about getting a RIB, you might be thinking about how long they last. This makes sense since these boats, unlike other boats, are inflated and don’t have a solid structure. There’s no reason to worry. Modern-day RIBs are built to last. Thanks to developments in RIB technology, these boats can last just as long as their solid counterparts. 

Hysucat has been manufacturing and selling luxurious RIBs for years and wants to show you how these boats are built to last. If you’re interested in a RIB, head over to our RIB page and see how our RIBs are built differently. 

Life Expectancy

Depending on the size and brand of your RIB, the life expectancy can vary. For smaller and more compact boats, the life expectancy is usually around 10-15 years. These smaller boats don’t contain as much air and can start to deflate. After extended use, the material can begin to wear and stretch, making it not as reliable as when you first got it.

There are a number of factors that affect this number. Such variables include the age of the boat, the materials used, where it’s stored, amount of UV exposure, how it was manufactured, hand-made or machine-made, and so on. 

RIBs produced by Hysucat can last for longer than 20+ years. All of our RIBs are made from premium materials and have many of the same characteristics and features you would find on a normal boat. 

How to Increase Life Expectancy

Taking general care of your boat will boost its life expectancy greatly. Simple things like cleaning after each use and regular maintenance will make a huge difference.

One big thing is how you store it. Storing a RIB is important in making sure the materials don’t get worn and destroyed. 

Keeping it out of the water when it’s not being used is a great way of boosting life expectancy. Keeping it in water can lead to algae, bacteria, and other temperature changes that aren’t good for the parts. Make sure the boat is stored where rodents and pets can find their way in. 

Looking for a RIB that will last?

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