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Diving RHIB Boat

An RHIB or Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is the boat that can conquer any situation that it’s put in. Designed to be light in weight, durable, and comfortable, the RHIB can go almost anywhere. It’s the perfect boat for someone who enjoys taking a leisure cruise on the inlet and wants to go racing on the open sea. They are also incredible diving boats. A diving RHIB boat is the perfect vessel for wanting to reach the best diving locations. No matter where it’s located an RHIB can get you there. Their incredible quirks and features make getting on and off the boat with diving gear a breeze.

The 28 RHIB by Bering Marine is perfect for divers looking for a mix of luxury, comfort, and rigidness. It is the ultimate diving RHIB boat and it will not let you down on the water. Running across the open waters on an RHIB is exhilarating, and being able to reach the best diving spots, no matter where they’re located, will be as easy as ever.

Hysucat’s 28 RHIB is the perfect vessel to dive from. Engineered to be sturdy as a pontoon boat, the 28 RHIB is perfect for equipping all of your diving gear and getting ready to plunge into the water. The durable tubed sides are the perfect area to sit and roll off when wanting to dive in. Once your diving day is finished, storing away gear is simple with an ample amount of storage that is easily accessible. 

Our diving RHIB boat is loaded with the exact features a diver would need. Handles are found all around the boat, making it easy to pull yourself up from any direction. The back of the boat also features a platform that’s perfect for putting large gear on or for pulling yourself up and out of the water. 

Every boat is fully customizable with different features or add-ons so you can create a boat that is perfect for you and your needs.

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