BM3411 Full Cabin
36′ FT
10’11” FT
2×450 HP
Max HP
42 KTS
Max Speed
Full Cabin
Hull Type
All boats
Hydrofoil Technology Boats
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Hydrofoil Technology

The fuel-efficient hydrofoil design, enables a remarkable 25% reduction in fuel consumption, resulting in improved efficiency, seakeeping, and passenger comfort. The passive foil system ensures a smoother ride, minimized spray, and enhanced high-speed stability while curbing emissions and costs. The hydrofoil wings produce a damping effect, enabling faster speeds in rough waters while reducing wake wash.
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Aluminum Construction

Bering Marine excels in crafting adventurous vessels with their high-quality aluminum construction. The material’s remarkable strength-to-weight ratio results in both robust and lightweight boats. By employing cutting-edge engineering techniques and innovative solutions, Bering Marine adheres to stringent quality standards. Aluminum’s recyclability and the intelligent distribution of weight contribute to the vessels’ superior stability and nimble performance.

GRP Construction

GRP construction has revolutionized the world of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), offering a multitude of benefits for these versatile watercraft. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is an ideal material for RIBs due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in boats that are simultaneously robust and lightweight. The smooth surface of GRP enhances the hydrodynamic performance of these vessels, allowing them to cut through water effortlessly. The material is resistant to corrosion, which means it requires minimal upkeep, making it perfect for long-lasting marine applications.
Built for performance, safety and comfort, Bering Marine line of hydrofoils makes them perfect for all your leisure and recreation needs.

Real workhorses, our boats have a wide range of applications. These asymmetrical hull catamarans can serve as water transport, taxi, salvage, vessel recovery, and perform many other tasks safely and efficiently.
High-quality aluminum and fiberglass boats are made to order, providing high performance, fast, and safe rescue service in most adverse marine conditions.

Outstanding seakeeping capability, high speed, and cargo capacity make Bering Marine boats ideal for sea transport. A water taxi, a crew charter, or a tour boat, these vessels are built to satisfy your transportation needs.

About our Shipyard

Bering Marine Shipyard located in Antalya, Turkey alongside other well-recognized international shipbuilding companies, a cluster of advanced shipbuilding in the Mediterranean. Bering Marine is an affiliate of the Bering Group and it specializes in building fast, seaworthy, and fuel efficient hydrofoil supported boats between 23’ and 42’ in length. Embracing a long history of quality steel and aluminum shipbuilding, Bering Marine is establishing its own, distinct line of rugged, multipurpose vessels.


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