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BM34 Full Cabin Sport Fisher goes to sea trial

In the beginning of September, Bering Marine Antalya shipyard tested one of its newest foil-assisted catamarans – a BM34.  Being a Full Width Cabinthis vessel is ideal for offshore fishing trips. Offering more fuel efficiency and a better comfort ride than its monohull competitors, BM34 provides the class-leading capabilities to the cold-water fishermen.

BM 34 Full Cabin is as powerful and rugged as the waters it is made for. It is built in the highly professional environment that specializes in superyacht construction. This boat has quality craftsmanship meeting luxury and attention to details. Just as any boat made by Bering, it adheres to the highest standards of safety and comfort.

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BM34 Full Cabin Sport Fisher goes to sea trial foto-92-150-6-1024×563

Hydrofoil technology means speed and provides up to 30% fuel efficiency than a monohull of comparable size. During the sea trial BM34 displayed the great capabilities of a catamaran. Easily dealing with the 2-feet waves, this boat demonstrated a monohull-like handling and perfect stability. With its ideal slide and top speed of 45 nautical miles per hour, BM34 put on a real show.

Built of marine-grade aluminum, BM34 features a self-bailing rear deck, an extended fishing platform, a convertible dinette, severe duty suspension seats, and marine head with entrance from the rear deck. Its range, extended due to the fuel economy, allows it to go further and do more in a day. The welded alloy hull guarantees the toughest performance. You can beach this boat without fear of damage.

The sea trial took place before the finishing and painting work; all the layers of paint will be applied prior to the shipment to the owner. Stark beauty of BM34 will go along well with the sturdiness, stability and luxury options standard with Bering. This boat will provide exceptional fishing experiences for the years to come.

BM34 Full Cabin sea trial