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High-quality aluminum and fiberglass boats are made to order, providing high performance, fast, and safe rescue service in most adverse marine conditions.

Anywhere and anytime the rescue service is needed, Bering Marine hydrofoil supported boats are up to task. These vessels are specifically designed to quickly respond to any challenge and perform superbly in challenging situations. Durable and dependable, our vessels are designed to withstand the rough conditions without compromising speed and capability.

Made using the finest materials and impeccable craftsmanship, these boats can respond to emergencies, conduct rescue operations, fight fires, and be up to any rescue challenge. They are built to task, featuring cutting-age technology and advanced equipment. Rescue ribs can be outfitted to include anything from additional life rafts, climbing ladders, spotlights, and more.

Look no further than Bering Marine RHIB or fully-aluminum boats to assure secure operations to the rescue crew while bringing safety to those in need.