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If you are searching for the best-performing RIB out there, look no more. Bering Marine RIBs have the best comfort, fuel economy, and a smoother ride experience. Designed to overcome the rough waters with innovation, these boats operate better than their competition.

RIBs – advantages and challenges

RIBs, or Rigid Inflatable Boats are the lightweight vessels, which have a solid hull with inflatable tubes around the sides. These tubes allow the boats to stay low, thus avoiding wind resistance, and provide extra buoyancy to keep the watercraft afloat. It is perfect for lifeboats or for transportation vessels, which need speed and reliability.

RIB’s low profile, however, is also one of their biggest shortcomings. While reaching racing speeds or in rougher sea conditions, these boats can ship water and fill up fairly quickly. To improve this issue, the hydrofoil supported RIBs were invented. 

How Bering Marine Innovated the RIB industry

In the early 1980’s inventor Karl-Gunter Hoppe designed the Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran (Hysucat).  The components of this innovation included a double-hulled asymmetrical planing catamaran supported by a special hydrofoil system. The main foil is a stainless-steel chevron-shaped wing mounted slightly forward of the boat’s center of gravity and parallel to the bottom of the hulls. Smaller trim hydrofoils are also located inside the catamaran tunnel near the stern. The water flow between the two hulls creates a slipstream which propels the boat forward. The hydrofoils serve as a lifting device when the boat begins to pick up speed. Working similar to airplane wings as they move through the water, the foils deflect the flow, which exerts a force on the foil. When this force is directed upward, the faster the boat goes, the greater the lift.

All this allows to avoid three main problems of other planing watercraft: hard hull hits at sailing, instability, and increased fuel consumption.  A catamaran double-hull manages to balance two engines. The turning ability is very stable because of the symmetrical weight on both ends. Also, hydrofoil boats have lower water resistance to allow conservation of fuel and to reach higher speeds while also reducing wake and improving comfort. 

As proved by many offshore competitions, Bering Marine has outperformed other RIB designs. BM hydrofoil-supported watercraft is among the market leaders in reliability and comfort when it comes to service, rescue, or water transportation. 

For smoother rides and better sea experiences, contact Bering Marine at [email protected]. We offer center consoles, RIBs, hydrofoil boats, and other methods of water transport.