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Fast, stable, and maneuverable boats are needed for racing and patrol functions. To fulfill their purpose, these boats need to have specific design that will guarantee the best performance. Bering Marine boats make great racer and patrol vessels, and here is why.

The foundation

Boat’s hull is responsible for handling, stability, and speed. A large monohull sits deeply in the water; it gives steadiness and storage space. A double hull, such as Bering Marine hydrofoil RIB, floats on two pivot points, leaving space between the hulls, which gives a better ability to turn. BM catamaran will never roll over due to its great side-end stability. The outward angle of its two hulls maximizes the propulsion by using the water flow between the hulls, making the boat not only fast, but also economical.

The Hydrofoil technology

Bering Marine is using not only the double-hull technology; the hydrofoil is a lifting structure that separates the main hull of the boat from the surface of the water. The metal hydrofoil wings lift the boat out of the water, allowing higher speeds because of the reduced friction.

The slipstream, created by the foils, improves speed, and during rough waters, the lift of the foil will reduce the wetted area of the hull so passengers can stay dry. The foils will also diminish the uneasiness felt by strong waves hitting the boat. The distance between the hull and the surface of the water creates a lighter touch, thus allowing racing boats to reach higher speeds before they create too much wake.

Economy and eco-friendliness

Reducing wake makes the Bering Marine ride more environmentally friendly – these vessels do not disturb the water life. While hydrofoils can be complex and costly, they also conserve fuel. Less effort is required from the BM’s two engines to travel at higher speeds. This lets hydrofoils use smaller, more economical engines. 

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