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RIB Yacht Tender Maintenance

Your yacht tender, especially when it’s a Hysucat RIB, can make the travels you take on your large vessel absolute unique experiences. Our Hysucat RIBs provide a smooth boating ride that’s unlike any other. But while our models are certainly amazing vessels, it’s important you keep in mind that you need to care for them properly to ensure that they last as long as they possibly can. If you’re not entirely sure how to perform the proper RIB yacht tender maintenance, continue reading below.

RIB Yacht Tender Maintenance

While there are quite a few tidbits you need to be mindful of when performing yacht tender maintenance, there are generally few easy steps you need to perform to ensure your RIB is cared for properly. They include:

Thorough Rinse

After every time you use your yacht tender, give it a thorough rinse with fresh water and tend to any scuffs immediately. Make sure you use a soft-bristle boat brush and soap that’s okay to use on sea vessels. By doing this step after every use, your boat will look as good as new and it will prevent buildup that can possibly erode your RIBs material over time.

Interior Maintenance

Make sure you regularly clean the inside of your vessel. Remove any debris left behind by passengers as well as any spills so that they don’t permanently stain.

Remove Oil Spills

Keep oil off of your yacht tender as much as possible. Even the oils from something such as your suntan lotion shouldn’t be in contact with your yacht tender. And even if it does touch your yacht tender, remove it immediately after use with a towel.

Proper Storage

When your yacht tender isn’t in use, keep it covered and out of the sun. You can extend the life of your yacht tender by years when you protect it from harsh UV rays and other elements. Covering your yacht tender also helps to reduce the need for cleaning between uses.

Use Protectants

There are sunscreens and other types of protective substances that are designed for use on inflatables. They can help to keep your yacht tender looking great and will also make it last longer, too.

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