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RIB Safety Tips

As with most boating enthusiasts who bring home a new vessel, you’ll want to take your new RIB out on the water as soon as you can. But before you get too excited, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the safety precautions that need to be taken as you operate your new RIB. Such a vehicle, like all others, must be used accordingly to ensure that you and all other passengers on the boat will be kept safe from harm’s way. Below are some listed RIB safety tips that you should always be mindful of when you’re cruising through the water.

RIB Safety Tips

When you finally decide to take your RIB out for a ride, make sure you follow these steps:

Departure & Arrival

Whether you’re leaving for a trip or returning from one, you should always be careful and take your time. When you’re untethering your RIB from land or docking, make sure that other boaters don’t distract you. Also, take into consideration some factors that could potentially obstruct your departure and/or docking. Consider, for instance, the current and wind conditions. If you’re boating in an ocean harbor, you’ll want to be sure what the tide is like as you’re operating your RIB. Depending on if the water is dropping or rising, the current in front of your dock will be different. Moreover, the wind can also play a huge factor in the operation of your RIB. If it’s too strong, though, don’t feel deterred from riding your vessel. In fact, you can even use the wind to your advantage and use it to guide your boat to land or off of it.

Assign a Designated Assistant

It’s never advised that you go boating on your own. You should always have at least one passenger with you, particularly someone whom you can trust to help you.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that behind every great captain, there’s a great crew. Even if your crew consists of only one person, they can assist you with docking and handling gear. Allowing them to help is also a great way to teach them about boats as well as ensuring things are easier and safer for you. And once they’re ready, you can even ease them into driving your RIB.

Even if you find yourself capable of handling your vessel, designate them to be a lookout to ensure that you don’t miss anything in the water. If your crew consists of children, this may be a perfect job for them. With extra eyes, you’ll also be able to navigate easily through a crowded area.

Research Your Boating Area

If you’re a first-time boater, you should familiarize yourself with the area in which you’re going to commonly boat in. Most lakes, rivers, and ocean harbors typically have specific standards that all boaters should adhere to, and it’s important that you know what they are before you launch.

If most of your boating will be in a harbor, inquire at the marina about any traffic or obstacles to look out for before you depart from land, such as ferries or shallow areas.

It’s important to keep in mind that researching an area once that you intend to frequently boat in won’t suffice for future boating. You should always research your designated boating area by being mindful of ever-changing factors including tide, weather, and much more.

Practice More RIB Safety Tips by Taking a Safety Course

While these are key safety tips you should always be mindful of, you should further expand your knowledge of RIB safety by taking a safety course. By taking a course, you’ll be able to significantly lower your risk of putting your RIB and its passengers in danger.

Most safety courses will teach you techniques on how to efficiently and properly operate your RIB.

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