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Rigid Inflatable Boats: fast, lightweight, safe

A RIB or Rigid Inflatable Boats get this name from their unique design and shape. They are also quite popular among marine professionals. Whether it is a marine biologist or the Navy, RIBs are reliable boats that can get through some of the roughest conditions. These boats are designed with a hard shell in a V shape is inflatable sides, called tubes. The design of these boats makes them so sought after by marine professionals. RIBs can also be enjoyed as a leisure boat as well. Hysucat has been making premium RIBs for years, If you’re interested in checking out our RIBs, head here

Below, you’ll discover the amazing benefits a RIB has and why they are used so heavily by marine professionals.


Thanks to the way RIBs are constructed, they are extremely lightweight and it allows them to:

  • Have a higher carrying capacity: One of the most important aspects of being a marine professional is the ability to carry people and equipment. A RIB allows for just that. The lightweight nature of a RIB allows for more equipment and people to be held.
  • Crush the waves: The unique V shape of a RIB allows them to cut through waves like nothing. This allows for a more smooth and controlled ride even when going further out where rougher conditions await. 
  • Fast: Being lightweight means you have more speed. This is the main reason why RIBs are heavily relied on when doing a rescue mission. 


RIBs are extremely versatile, being used by the military, professionals for work, and even for leisure mariners

They are used all over the world thanks to these amazing benefits.

  • Boat performance: The amazing performance of these boats makes them perfect for rescue missions all the way to leisure cruises down the intercostal
  • High boat stability: No one likes to get thrown around, which is why the stability of a RIB is unmatched by any other boat of its size on the water.
  • High sea-keeping capabilities: When going out on the water, you want to know your boat will be able to handle anything thrown at it, which is why the RIB is loved by everyone
  • Smooth handling: a boat with awful handling is a terrible experience, especially when you need it for an emergency situation. RIBs shine when it comes to handling thanks to their great build quality.


RIBs are safe marine vehicles, which is another reason people love them for whatever reason they have on the water. Their safety features include:

  • Better buoyancy: Thanks to the tubes that are on each side of the boat, they are extremely buoyant and prone to being flipped over. If the boat were to flip over, the tubes on each side of the boat would keep it floating, which provides a lifeline in the water.
  • Beaching: Their lightweight nature makes them easy to beach and pushes back into the water.
  • Easy onboarding: The tubes on the side make for easy onboarding whether it be from a solid surface or from the water. Most RIBs have some sort of handle attached to the tube which makes for an easy way to pull one’s self up. 

Enjoy RIBs With Bering Marine

RIBs are an incredible type of boat that comes with amazing advantages over the competition. They are heavily used and sought after by both professionals in the marine world and leisure mariners. If you’ve been looking to get into a RIB, check out the amazing boats Hysucat has to offer.