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Police rigid-inflatable boat, best RHIB for police

Much like many worldwide militaries are incorporating RIBs, police departments across the globe are following suit. RHIBs offer a wealth of benefits as law enforcement offices look to modernize their tools and equipment to better handle today’s obstacles. While most landlocked law departments have no use for boats, coastal cities, port cities, and cities located on rivers benefit tremendously from having RHIBs available. Their reliability and easy maneuverability make them ideal for situations that require a swift response. 

Rapid Deployment

One of the major benefits police departments find with their RHIBs is their rapid deployment capabilities. From the moment something is called in, every single second counts. Traditional style workboats police forces use may take some time to get to where they need to. With RHIBs, police departments can get on the water in a hurry and to their destination as quickly as possible. Whether they are called out for a search & rescue mission or quickly chase seafaring criminals, RHIBs give you that much-needed speed when you need it most. RHIBs 

Capable Of Use In Several Operations

Police departments can utilize their RHIBs in several roles. They’re able to patrol bays, inlets, docks, etc with ease. Additionally, thanks to their rapid deployment capabilities, RHIBs are perfect for operations such as search and rescue missions where a dive team needs to get out quickly on the water, or for interception purposes to stop smugglers from bringing contraband onto your shores. RIBs can be modified for several configurations to best suit a police department’s needs. Whatever the mission may be, police departments can count on RHIBs to immediately upgrade their marine operations. 

Simple Maintenance

Most police boats require consistent maintenance, as most of their fleet has been in circulation for several decades. This can lead to downtime for boats as they’re docked for repairs, which leaves you vulnerable when you can’t afford to be. Thankfully RHIBs offer very simple maintenance to ensure they’re running at maximum efficiency. Keeping your RIBs clean, as well as ensuring they’re filled to the correct pressure guarantees their longevity. While they are inflatable, RHIBs are known for being impressively durable, able to sustain even the roughest conditions.