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What are the Ongoing Costs of Owning a Boat?

Before you make a purchase of a new or used boat, it’s important to also consider the possible costs associated with owning a boat. The excitement of owning a new boat can often make us forget about some of the other factors like where it’ll be stored, how is it being towed, and if you’ll need any additional equipment. Here are some of the ongoing costs of owning a boat.

Purchasing the Boat

When you begin the process of purchasing a boat, there are a few options laid out in front of you. The usual route is to either buy out the boat completely or choose a financing plan that pays it off over an extended period. The best option is to finance the boat long-term through a reputable marine lender since they have experience with boat loans and financing. It’s also a good idea to contact a tax expert as you can sometimes claim these vessels as a second home or business expense. 


Once you own a boat, you’ll need to register the boat with the state you’re in and get the proper insurance. This price will vary due to a number of different factors such as what state you are in and how big the vessel is. Always check with the dealer that you are buying from for the best estimate.


Everyone wants their boat to run perfectly. Unfortunately, boat maintenance problems aren’t a matter of if you need it, it’s a matter of when you’ll need it. In order to keep your vessel in pristine shape, you’ll need to do regular maintenance checks. Before buying a boat, do some research to see what common problems that model has and how much they are to repair. These charges can begin to stack up after some time. It’s also a wise idea to check with the dealer for information. Based on their response, you can gauge how helpful and trustworthy they are.

Consider Getting a RIB

If you’re looking for a new boat that won’t break the bank with the ongoing costs of owning a boat, then consider getting a rigid inflatable boat (RIB). These tough boats require less maintenance than any other model or type and will save you money. The inflatable siding makes it much more difficult to damage these boats. They’re also built to be strong and durable from the beginning. This is why sea towing companies and even the military have found such good use for them.

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