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What Separates Bering Marine From Other Hydrofoil Companies?

The Hysucat brand is one of the best hydrofoil RIB boats in the industry for those looking to get performance, comfort, fuel economy, and a smooth ride experience. The difference between a Hysucat and other RIB boats is the design from which they came. Our designs come from a background of overcoming rough waters with innovation.

What Is a RIB Boat?

Rigid inflatable boats (or RIBs) are the key to performing better than past designs. These lightweight boats have a solid hull with inflatable tubes around the sides. These tubes allow the boats to be a low height to avoid wind resistance. While reaching racing speeds, a boat at this low of a height can get water inside the cabin. A small boat can fill up with water quickly in rougher ocean conditions. The inflatable tubes give extra buoyancy to keep it afloat. These low-lying boats are perfect for lifeboats or for transportation between military vessels which require a fast and reliable trip to get their job done.

How Hysucat Innovated the Boat Industry

Hysucat designs differ from other hydrofoils in their competitiveness. This stems from the origin of the Hysucat hydrofoils by inventor Karl-Gunter Hoppe. The volatile waters produced by the convergence of trade winds with the cooler winds from Antarctica created a problem for boaters off the South African coast. While being a professor of naval architecture and teaching fluid mechanics at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Hoppe was tasked with creating a boat with superior control. Now Hysucat is owned by a student of Hoppe’s, Malan Conradie. As one of the world’s most innovative designers in the naval industry, it is no doubt that the Hysucat brand stands out from the rest.

Hysucat stands for Hydrofoil SUpported CATamaran. The components of this idea include a double-hulled catamaran with the help of a hydrofoil lifting device. A catamaran double-hull manages to balance two engines. The water flow between the two hulls creates a slipstream which propels the boat forward. The turning ability is very stable because of the symmetrical weight on both ends. On top of this, the hydrofoils are a lifting device when the boat begins to pick up speed. These hydrofoil boats have lower water resistance to allow conservation of fuel and to reach higher speeds while also reducing wake and improving comfort. The design of Hoppe’s boat has outperformed other designs in many offshore competitions. Hysucat hydrofoil boats also made an appearance at the Annapolis Powerboat Show in Maryland in October 2018.

For the best designs in racing boats, contact Hysucat at (252) 923-0430. We offer center consoles, RIBs, hydrofoil boats, and other methods of water transport.