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RIB Boats

Since the early 1960s, rigid-hulled inflatable boats (or RIBs) have been the number one multipurpose lightweight vessel in existence. No boat has been capable of providing such an extensive range of uses as the RIB has. From fishing to yachting, to racing, to even military use, the RIB has served as the driver of change across the landscape of boating. The RIB is capable of maintaining comfort at high speeds, making it ideal for personal use. While RIBs have a relatively short history, their design, multifunctionality, and durability will sustain them well into the future. If you’re looking for a lightweight boat that will be able to do everything you need and then some, then you need a Hysucat RIB. Common materials for the tubes are Hypalon and uPVC (Polyvinyl chloride), though some manufacturers use PU (Polyurethane).

The RIB Design

RIB boats were designed to be lightweight in nature, as the hull is typically crafted to optimize its hydroplaning capabilities. Despite being a lightweight craft and inflated, RIBs are highly durable. The tubes are constructed to reduce the possibility of being punctured in any way, while also maintaining the highest level of buoyancy and durability. Both tubes are easily repaired, should anything occur to them. Depending on the size of the RIB boat, you’ll find some with wheelhouses or canopies to provide extra comfort during your ride. When completely put together, all of these pieces come together to create a truly unique boating experience unlike any other. Hysucat RIB boats are incredibly buoyant. Given the durable construction of a Hysucat RIB boat, with both tubes fully inflated, the crafts are virtually impossible to sink. 

Hysucat tubes are constructed in two separate sections to reduce the effect of a puncture. Each tube has separate valves that allow air to be either added or removed.  The more chambers a boat has the more redundancy the boat is considered to have. This is because if only one chamber is damaged then the impact the damage has on the boat is much less. The tubes expand when exposed to sunlight/heat, so Hysucat RIB tubes have pressure relief valves that release excess air as the pressure rises inside them. This prevents splitting, cracking, or rupturing of the tubes from overpressure. Our hull and interior are made from custom, premium materials that provide a comfortable place to relax and extend a day on the water.

RIB Multifunctionality

One of the best features offered by RIB boats is their versatility. RIB Boats have a wide variety of different uses. You’ll find that whatever you need your rigid-hulled inflatable boat to accomplish, it’ll get done with flying colors. RIBs are lightweight with an inflatable tube that makes towing a breeze.  What’s more, is that the Hysucat line of RIB boats can be pulled by a standard-sized vehicle. This reduced weight means less wear and tear on your vehicle and a reduction in fuel consumption. 

Our larger RIBs have the option of adding a wheelhouse or hard-top. This is made of aluminum or glass-reinforced plastic. Wheelhouses offer protection from the sun and rain and are great for those long days on the water.  They also protect the onboard equipment such as navigation, controls, radio, and suspension seats. Our wheelhouses can be easily removed in good weather so you can drop the top and let the sunshine in.

Fishing Boats

As fishing boats, RIBs are exceedingly effective. Although some people may be scared to hook their air tube, you can enjoy an entire day of fishing while cruising on your fishing RIB boat. Whether trolling in a river or casting out deep in the ocean, you’ll never find a boat as versatile as a RIB. Hysucat RIBs are great for fishing in “little or big water”. You can count on the super-rugged Hysucat RIB to keep you dry while running to your favorite fishing spot. 

The Hysucat RIB is designed for the open-water and is tournament-class fish-ready, not to mention rugged and up to the task. Hysucat RIBs sturdy construction and V-Shape allows you to efficiently cut through the chop and get to those prized fishing spots. All our RIBS are backed all by our world-class guarantee. You will not find another RIB that can measure up to this level of construction, performance, and value for your money.

Diving Boats

If you’re interested in finding a diving boat, then a RIB boat might just be the watercraft for you. RIBs are able to quickly reach a destination, while still supporting a large number of people. Rigid-hulled inflatable boats also provide immense stability, creating the ideal environment for a perfect initial dive and suiting up. Experienced divers know all too well that their equipment is paramount to a safe and successful underwater excursion. 

At Hysucat, we understand that the dive boat is an essential part of the dive process and as such, we develop our RIBs to be sturdy and able to carry the personnel and equipment needed for a safe dive. Hysucat RIBs have been used worldwide for diving by videography/photography dive teams, police search and rescue and recovery dive teams, scientific dive teams and Hazmat/Bio clean up dive teams. 

On the bridge, you’ll be pleased to find plenty of space for multiple divers, the helm seats are pedestal mount chairs and the helm features full instrumentation and electronics including a GPS, VHF, and Tri-Data.  The canopy will do the trick on those not so friendly weather days and you’ll be glad to take those days on in one of the finest Hysucat RIB boats!

Racing Boats

RIBs are inherently fast due to their lightweight nature, making them fantastic racing boats. They’re able to glide across the surface of the water effortlessly while covering immense distances in a short amount of time. Their maneuverability is unrivaled, capable of hard turns without sacrificing anything else. If your goal is to absolutely punch it and push yourself to the limit, then a racing RIB may be for you. 

While known for its stunning lines, this beauty is not only skin deep. Hysucat RIB marries superlative performance and exceptional rough water handling to add to the attraction. The Hysucat RIB is lightweight and developed for speed and handling.  Our state-of-the-art console is designed to be responsive and to better serve the driver. Our Fast RIB boats are lightweight without sacrificing the solid feel and excellent vibration-dampening characteristics.

Rescue Boats

While RIBs can be used for an assortment of fun, they also offer the capabilities of acting as a rescue boat. Unlike larger boats, RIBs are able to be deployed almost immediately. These RIBs can be deployed in case of immediate emergency and reach the destination right away, making them ideal for serious crises. Rescue RIBs can be outfitted to include anything from additional life rafts, climbing ladders, spotlights, and more. 

Safety and functionality are built into every boat we manufacture: 

  • Forward positioned consoles for improved visibility and large open decks. 
  • Oversized handholds wherever you need them. 
  • Semi-active tube design for improved stability. 
  • Heavy-duty Hypalon tube built for reliability and longevity. 
  • Multi-chambered tubes with triple bonded seams and with pressure relief valves. 
  • High bow sheer and aggressive deep V hull for improved rough water handling. 

The Hysucat RIB has been engineered and tested to meet the expectations and standards of world-class rescue teams. 

The result is a light-weight hull that easily cuts through water and is easy to maneuver at high speed. Our Rigid Inflatable Boats are born from a vision of creating the ultimate multi-purpose vessel and brought to life with the legendary performance and reliability only Hysucat can provide. We have an experienced team of designers and builders who develop and construct best in class RIBs. Our craftsmanship is second to none and mirrors our commitment to deliver the finest watercraft.

Military RIBs

Hysucat builds military spec vessels that are mission-proven and as tough as the brave military and law enforcement personnel who depend on them.  Whether it be covert operations or getting soldiers to and from larger ships and the land, RIBs are excellent options. Sturdy and capable of being outfitted with whatever is needed, RIBs are designed to handle whatever gets thrown their way. These boats are ideal for riverine missions, transport, or any other purpose required. If you need to move troops or officers quickly, quietly, and effectively on the water, then you need a fleet of RIB workboats. 

The Hysucat RIB has been meticulously designed to accommodate the latest in military technology. Intelligent usage of cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques has allowed for weight reduction and increased performance, maneuverability, and speed, making our line of RIBS perfect for military operations. We have upgraded our vibration dampening making our vessels operate more quietly especially in cases where stealth is a requirement. 

We utilize the latest technologies and apply the finest materials to our military-style vessels. We take the same level of quality control and precise measures to ensure each RIB meets our exact standards to withstand harsh marine and military operational environments. Exceptional in performance thanks to its unique design, Hysucat RIB is extremely easy to maneuver both on the open water and in close quarters, and is also impressively fuel-efficient. As a manufacturer of military-grade RIBs, Hysucat supplies security, coastguard, and law enforcement around the world. Hysucat boats are unmatched in their reliability, speed, maneuverability, seaworthiness, and safety in the most adverse conditions.

Hydrofoil RIBs

While RIB boats have seen major advances over the years, none have come close to perfecting it like Hysucat. We’ve used our patented design to create the hydrofoil RIB. By creating our RIBs with a hydrofoil system, we’ve been able to maximize comfort without sacrificing speed or strength. The Hysucat hydrofoil RIB is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 70 knots. Our vessels operate on a unique hydrofoil system located between the hulls. This system gives superior performance in monohull characteristics, stability, and fuel efficiency. 

As the vessel starts to plane, the hydrodynamics of the system stabilize and create a powerful lift. The vessel lifts and rides on the center foil while the stern foils stabilize and ensure maneuverability. The foils raise the vessel out of the water thereby reducing the amount of wake and drag on the boat. This increases fuel efficiency and makes our RIBs more environmentally friendly. Our unique Hydrofoil system is engineered for speed, comfort, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Our load-bearing capacity far surpasses that of most traditional RIBs and causes less fatigue on drivers and passengers alike.

If interested in learning more about the Hysucat RIB boats and what they can do for you, contact us today or give us a call at +1 (252) 923-0430.