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Guide To Maintaining Your RIB: Part 1

Maintaining your rigid inflatable boat, or RIB is key to ensuring that it stays looking and functioning like new for years to come. Even if your RIB is frequently deployed in saltwater, with a little tender loving care, it can stay in tip-top shape and performance. At Hysucat, we pride ourselves on being the top manufacturer of RIBs in the United States and beyond. When you purchase one of our RIBs, we want you to prepare you to keep the boat around as long as possible. In this two-part post from the Hysucat blog, we’ll go over some tips for maintaining your Hysucat RIB so it can be around as long as possible.

Clean Your RIB Regularly

This is such an important part of maintaining the look of your RIB. Especially if you use your boat in saltwater, cleaning it is one of the most critical aspects of owning a boat. For new boat owners, this can be a lot to remember. Don’t fret though – after a few times, you’ll have this process down to just a couple minutes. Here are the most important parts of washing your RIB:

Wash The Exterior Of Your RIB

Whenever you’re done using your boat for the day, cleaning the outer surfaces with freshwater is critical. Thoroughly rinsing your RIB prevents oils and other chemicals from seeping into the deck, as well as eliminating the possibility of salt crystals forming. Another great way to ensure that your RIB is as clean as possible is by using a deck brush. These are generally cheap and very easy to use. Be sure you get the right kind of brush for your deck – a rigid brush for non-slip surfaces, and a softer brush for composite or wooden decks.

Clean The Inside Of Your RIB

Any spots of water and debris that found its way to the inside of your boat should be wiped down entirely and covered to prevent any damages from occurring. Additionally, keeping the screens for electronics covered keeps them new, and scratch-free for years to come.

Properly Store Your RIB  – Part 1

There are a number of tips regarding keeping your RIB in storage. Properly storing your rib is the key to its longevity. To begin, always keep your RIB inflated. When RIB boats are deflated, they are much more susceptible to damages. Siding can deform, and creases can appear. Bends and kinks in the siding lead to weak spots. Next, keep your RIB covered. Especially if your RIB is being stored in the sun, as UV rays can degrade the rubber over time.

Finally, our last tip for storing your RIB in this post is to ensure that you put the vessel away while it’s DRY. Mold and mildew can begin to grow, and trying to get it removed properly is much more of a headache then just making sure the boat is dry before storage. If possible, store your RIB in a place that’s dry, well ventilated and protected from the elements.

Choose Hysucat For All Of Your Rigid Inflatable Boat Needs

Hysucat provides top-notch RIBs to boaters all across the world. When we sell a boat, we want to ensure that our customers know how to take care of their boat properly. Check back next month for Part 2 of our guide to maintaining your RIB. To learn more today, call (252) 923-0430 or contact us online.