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Guide To Maintaining Your RIB: Part 2

Last time we spoke about how to perform proper maintenance on your RIB for the longevity of your product. At Hysucat, we want to make sure that you enjoy your RIB as long as possible and keep its high performance lasting forever. Here are more tips into how you can take care of your RIB.

Proper Maintenance

Engine and Battery Maintenance

Another important feature in maintaining your RIB is making sure that you do NOT store your boat with fuel still in its system. Doing this can cause a separation of oil and gas due to the two-stroke engine and possibly condensation, leading to serious problems later on. Drain the fuel using a freshwater source for the cooling system and make sure to disconnect the fuel line as the engine is running.

To ensure that the engine is completely free of any saltwater, flush your engine with fresh water. Doing this will ensure that your engine will not corrode. A good tip to keep in mind is to use protective metals to shield your engine. These metals can be replaced on a regular schedule and can last a long time depending on which type you use. 

And make sure that you check and disconnect the battery if you haven’t already. Disconnecting your battery is safe and will extend its usage. Even if no electronic systems are left on they can cause parasitic draws, which drain your battery if left attached.

Hull Inspection

After each use, when your RIB is out of the water, check your hull for any damage. By looking into any damage that has occurred to your hull, you can touch it up with a gel coat or provide minor repairs/maintenance. Doing this not only minimizes damage but also allows your RIB ready for immediate use the next time you plan on using it.

Chamber Pressure

Lastly, inflate your RIB to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure after storage and before its next use. Each chamber must be inflated counter-clockwise until each is filled. It’s important to note here that if your RIB is in a cold setting during inflation, make sure to under-inflate a little to allow expansion once the tubes come into contact with heat from the sunlight.

Choose Hysucat For All Of Your Rigid Inflatable Boat Needs

Hysucat supplies top-quality RIBs to boaters across the world. Every time you take your RIB out, we want to make sure that you are taking care of your boat properly. To learn more about Hysucat’s services and boats for sale, call (252) 923-0430 or visit our contact page.