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Day 4-5 – 01.08.2020

Leg4-5: Bodrum- Kuşadası. Bering70 crew witness the holy places

After occasional free day in Yalikavak the Bering Yachts’ expedition has regained its pace. In the night shift from July 31 and August 1, the crew moved from Bodrum peninsula to ancient Kuşadası. But the plans were far more extensive. The crew sought to reach the ancient city of Ephesus – probably the most famous city of the region.

Bering70 yacht has covered the 70 miles leg in due course of 7 hours. Due to regular strong NW Meltemi wind Aegean sea is known for its rude temper but everything was quiet onboard Bering70. While it was fresh and a bit bumpy outside, the stabilization system perfectly smoothed the ride.

At the dawn of August 1, the crew left the yacht on Hysucat hydrofoiling RIB to reach quickly the shore as the day schedule was tight. Being a nice and cozy resort Kuşadası visit was limited only to short stroll on the seashore promenade. After that, the travelers went for ancient Ephesus.

The city of Ephesus has thousands years of history. Founded as an Attic-Ionian colony in the 10th century BC, the city was conquered by Cimmerians, Persians and Alexander the Great. Mark Antony was welcomed by Ephesus for periods when he was proconsul and in 33 BC with Cleopatra when he gathered his fleet of 800 ships before the battle of Actium with Octavius. However, the greatest importance the city plays for Christianity as St.John has lived there for long time and St.Paul wrote the letter to Corinthians from Ephesus. But even more important that the Virgin Mary lived in Ephesus the rest of her days after escape from Jerusalem. Obviously, the travelers despite extremely hot weather could not miss Ephesus.

Having spent the whole day exploring the region the crew returned onboard Bering70 late afternoon and immediately started the engines. As the long journey of 120 miles to Izmir awaited the crew decided to start earliest possible. ETA is planned to be morning August 2.

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