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Choosing The Best Yacht Tender

Being out on the water with your yacht is an unbeatable feeling. The warm sun and soft waves are the best way anyone could spend their weekend. However, if you want to have full freedom on the water, you’ll need a yacht tender in order to do so. A yacht will only be able to fit into so many places so you’ll need a yacht tender in order to reach each and every place you want to go. Owning a yacht tender also opens up different opportunities such as watersports, scuba diving, snorkeling, and cruising under the sun! Hysucat is here to help you with choosing the best yacht tender possible.

Your yacht tender should do more than just get you where you need to go. It should reflect the beauty and elegance of your yacht. There’s no better way to do this than with a RIB from Hysucat. Our luxurious yet rugged RIBs will make cruising the water more fun than being on the yacht. 

Having the right tender on your yacht will allow you to experience the water to the fullest. There are plenty of tender options out there but we want to help you find the perfect one for your yacht.

Benefits of Rigid Inflatable Boats

RIBs have become the go-to choice for yacht owners and there’s good reason for it.

When it comes to the water, safety is always the number one priority. There’s no telling what could happen so it’s good to have a tender that’s prepared for anything. A RIB will be ready for any condition thrown at it. This is why the United States Coast Guard, military, and police have been using RIBs for years now. These boats are virtually unsinkable and will keep you and your passengers safe at all times. 

Premium Stability

RIBs have some of the best stability on the water. This is thanks to the large inflatable tubes on the side and the hard hull which makes for incredible stability. The large inflatable tubes also increase the load capacity which makes it possible to fit more passengers and more equipment.

High Efficiency

Since these dinghies are inflatable, they weigh much less making them more efficient than their hard tender counterparts. This means you can pack more on the vessel and save fuel while doing it. 

Easy Operation

Unlike a hard yacht tender, inflatable tenders are extremely easy to use and operate. There’s no having to deal with fenders or collisions. Since the sides are inflatable and not hard materials, you never have to worry about colliding with another boat or the dock. You’ll simply bounce off of them with no damage done. 

Picking The Right Yacht Tender

Picking the right tender for your yacht comes down to three different things. These three things include:

  • What size tender can your yacht support.
  • How many people will be boarding the tender?
  • How the tender will be used.

Tender Sizing

Making sure the size of a tender will fit on your yacht is obviously important. People will often buy a tender not doing the proper research or measurements, leaving them with a tender that doesn’t fit on their yacht. 

To make sure a tender will fit, look at the size of your storage area. This will give you a good idea of how large a tender can be. Contact your local dealer for specifications and a suitable range of tender sizes. 

How Many People Are Boarding The Tender?

If your yacht has a lot of room for passengers, it’s important to choose a tender that can support a lot of passengers too. You don’t want to make 5 different trips when going to the shore. Choose a tender that will support a majority of your equipment and passengers to cut down on unnecessary trips. 

What is the Purpose of Your Tender?

This is the easy part! 

Are you using the tender for watersports? Looking for a beach? Want to go on a joy ride down the shore? Whatever the case, a proper tender will help you get there. 

Once you have a better idea of what it will be used for, it will make the selection process that much easier. If you like water sports, choosing something bigger with more power will be the way to go. If you are using it for simple cruising, then a smaller, more efficient, tender will be the way to go. 

Who Makes The Best Yacht Tender? Choose Hysucat

We may be biased but we have good reason to be. Our RIBs are both luxurious and rugged. They’ll get you where you need to go and you’ll look good doing it. We have several different options available to help you find the perfect size for you and your yacht.