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HYSUCAT: Twenty Years of Success Comes to America!

Hysucat, the original manufacturer of the hydrofoil-supported catamaran, will unveil its new line of products at the 2016 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show February 11 to 15 (

The company opened up new facilities in North Carolina and Turkey and introduced its new range of models including 25′ and 30′ Center Consoles and one 6.8 RIB. A number of improvements in styling, ride, and weight reduction have also been done to the previous 8.5 RIB.

As part of its rebranding, the company has also created a new logo and launched a new website (

With a reputation of more than 20 years as one of the most innovative technologies developed in the marine industry, the Hysucat design is used in center console, fast RIBs and water transport boats and offers the best features of a monohull and a catamaran combined.

Although the Hysucat boat behaves very much like a monohull, in turns it is running on an air cushion caused by air tunnels. At high speed, the boat rises out of the water and runs mainly on the center hull. The side hulls stabilize the boat. This reduces the wetted area on the hull, which in turn makes the craft more efficient, faster and allows the vessel to run with smaller engines than an equivalent-sized monohull.

The inventor of the Hysucat patented concept is Professor (emeritus) Karl-Gunter Hoppe from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Malan Conradie, a former student who collaborated with Hoppe, is a marine engineer and creator of today’s Hysucat brand. Conradie has developed and produced more than 1,300 hydrofoil supported catamaran vessels to date, ranging from 16 to 52 feet.

Hysucat will display one of the most successful recreational RIB at the show, the 75th annual event, which takes place for the first time at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin on Virginia Key.

On view is the Hysucat 8.5 RIB. The performance numbers speak for themselves: Hysucat 8.5 is capable of reaching 80 miles per hour, using a pair of 200 HP Suzuki outboards. Hysucat’s acceleration abilities are also unbeatable. The vessel can reach 56 Mph in less than 7 seconds.

“We’re excited to participate at this year’s Miami show with our improved range of boats and at several other shows around the country in 2016,” says Ken Comfort, head of Hysucat sales in the U.S. “We will be performing sea trials and show the public Hysucat’s amazing acceleration capabilities, impressive speed, and excellent fuel economy features.”