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Hysucat ‘Eco-capsule 8500’ | Catamaran Water Taxi 

HYSUCAT and SABDES Design team up to create the ‘Eco-capsule 8500’ an efficient, fast, hydrofoil supported, luxury, catamaran water taxi for twelve people.

Last year, SABDES Design went up for the challenge when tasked to come up with a unique, efficient and fast water taxi design for one of our clients, HYSUCAT.

Based on HYSUCAT’s unique patented asymmetrical cat hull supported by hydrofoils between the hulls, and powered with efficient Surface Piercing Drives, Scott Blee, the owner and designer at SABDES Design, said there was an ‘exhaustive concept, design and 3D modelling process – which involved quite a lot of surface shape forming one doesn’t normally associate with in a normal Superyacht design day – in order to achieve the unique set of criteria in the original design brief’.

Scott comments; ‘trying to create an ergonomic interior design fitting within an elongated egg shape which is roomy and luxurious, and can seat ten people, and at the same time make the exterior styling look cool, was at times frustrating, and seeming not possible, but it’s at those times that as a designer one digs a bit deeper, and good results soon appear’. Now SABDES and HYSUCAT reveal the end result with these few pictures. Scott comments; ‘we think she’s turned out very cool and are very proud of SABDES’s participation in this very exciting product. It’s by no means as complex as designing a Superyacht, but it felt equally as satisfying getting the right end result!’