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Hysucat 23 RIB – Big Performance Numbers

Hysucat 23 RIB

Fitted with twin 70 HP Suzuki outboards, the RIB performed outstandingly, burning only 3 gallons per hour (11 liters) at 43 Mph (37 knots).

At high speed, the boat rises out of the water and runs mainly on the center hull. The side hulls stabilize the boat, reducing the wetted area on the hull, which in turn makes the craft more efficient, faster, and allows the boat to run with smaller engines than an equivalent-sized monohull. At planing speeds, a drop in resistance of up to 50 percent is possible, which equates to lower powering requirements. Lower power normally results in a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Hysucat 6.8 is the smallest Hysucat vessel to date and is available in various deck configurations as well as different propulsion systems. The inflatable is designed to ride with twin 60 HP – 90 HP engines and is capable of reaching over 50 Mph (43 knots).