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Hysucat at the Africa Aerospace and Defense show

Hysucat will be participating at the Africa Aerospace and Defence show from 14 – 18 September.

AAD is the premier exhibition of air, sea and land technologies on the African continent and brings together various industries from all over the world to showcase the latest technological innovations.

Hysucat entered into a joint venture agreement the Denel IMS ( Denel Integrated systems and Maritime) to use our technology advanced craft as stable and comfortable platforms in combination with maritime weapons and systems produced by the group.

Hysucat will exhibit its most popular model in its fleet, the Hysucat 8.5 RIB customized for military purposes which can provide high speed operations in excess of 70 knots for specialist naval operations and law enforcement.

The Catamaran RIB is fitted with a hydrofoil system that is designed to increase speed and load-carrying capacity. The lifting and damping effect of the hydrofoil also reduces human fatigue as the craft is partially flying on the surface of the water. Operational benefits include comfortable high speed rough water operations, reduced wake, reduced fuel consumption and increased range.

The Hysucat 8.5 RIB was designed with a high bow and large sponsons for dry and safe operations, particularly in heavy sea conditions. All-round safety rails are an option and the large console can accommodate a dry storage or toilet. The deck area is designed to be modular with a variety of layout options including the mounting of weapons, specialised shock absorbing seats or we could provide seating for up to 14 people. The high payload carrying capacity of the Hysucat 8.5 make it suitable for transport and military operations. Pontoons could also be filled with special foam to provide bullet proof areas.