Bering Marine utilizes rugged and durable construction techniques to build watercraft capable of handling even the toughest weather conditions, providing adventurers with exceptional experiences.The hydrofoil design allows for efficient propulsion, reducing the effort needed to push the boat through the water. The lifting of the boat out of the water also provides a smoother ride, with less impact from waves. In addition, foils improve the stability and handling of the boat, making it easier to control in rough waters. The history of hydrofoils dates back to 1898 and saw extensive use from the 50s’. The advantages of hydrofoil technology resurfaced in 2013 when America’s Cup contenders used foil technology to win the competition with ease, showcasing its performance benefits.


Bering Marine places a high emphasis on onboard comfort, utilizing innovative technologies for a smooth and comfortable ride, even in rough seas. The catamaran hull provides increased stability, reducing motion sickness and creating a comfortable experience for passengers. The hydrofoil design creates an air cushion, dampening the ride and enhancing maneuverability in challenging conditions.


Safety is at the forefront of Bering Marine’s priorities, with each vessel built to the highest standards and equipped with numerous standard safety features. The boats are rigorously tested and certified, giving passengers peace of mind during their on-water experiences. Designed to withstand any weather conditions, Bering Marine boats are heavy-duty, stable, and durable, with a low center of weight for added safety. Extensive testing and B-Offshore certification reinforce their reputation for safety.


Our team of experienced boat builders, influenced by the quality standards of larger superyachts from Bering Yachts, strive for perfection in every detail. The cats are 100% handmade resulting in satisfied owners who appreciate the build quality.The company carefully selects durable materials and manufacturing methods to extend the boat’s life.